Night Sweat

Night sweats symptom and sign -

• Wake up in damp or soaked bedding, feeling either too hot or slightly cold.

• Feeling hot

• Sometimes feeling chilly or cold


Menopause and night sweats -

Most of women experience the symptoms during the menopause period. The cause is believed to be due to fluctuation in estrogen hormone level. The frequency varies from individual to individual.

Usually the hot flashes occur at night accompanying by excessive sweating. These symptoms can disrupt the sleep cycle.

They might be worrying about the symptoms when waking up with drenching perspiration, they get anxious and even find it difficult to fall back to sleep after waking up.

Night sweats treatment in women -

The usual treatment is to take the synthetic hormones to restore the body hormone imbalance. When some studies have shown the breast cancer is somewhat linked to synthetic hormones, many women have started looking for natural hormone therapies.

Natural night sweat relief -

An ingredient called isoflavone found in some plant products , such as chick peas, legumes, especially soybeans is known for reducing the hot flash and sweating symptoms.

Before using the isoflavones supplements, you should consult the medical professional for advice, as some people may be sensitive to these ingredients. The dosage has to be moderate.

Other herbal treatment includes taking Dong Quai, Red Clover and Licorice Root extracts.

Taking a high quality brand of multi-vitamins and minerals have been suggested to improve overall health including night perspiration and insomnia, even though some professionals suggest only taking certain isolated vitamins or minerals is enough.

Studies showed overweight women have higher chance of getting the hot flashes and sweating. Losing weight, moderate exercises and relaxation exercises may reduce the symptoms.

The condition would adjust itself over time.

What causes night sweats in men ?

It is similar to that in women. Men in their fifties or later may experience andropause (the male counterpart of menopause ) the same as women experience menopause. Hormones change and fluctuate as you age and grow older.

However, common causes of night sweats may include some medical problems -

• Room temperature is high

• Hormone disorder

• An infection, such as flu

• Sleep apnea

• Diabetes

• Tuberculosis

• Some cancers

• Stress and anxiety

• Some medications, e.g. antidepressant, aspirin

• Epilepsy

• AIDS virus

Treatment and relief -

• Use lighter pajamas and bed linen

• Lower the room temperature

• Reduce caffeine and tobacco consumption

• Moderate exercises, like walking and swimming

• Relaxation exercises

Conditions will be stabilized over time. If the condition persists for several days, go to seek medical opinions to find out the actual causes of night perspiration, you may need medications to adjust the conditions.

Can stress cause night sweats ?

Yes, stress and anxiety play an important role here. The stress could be at work, financial or personal problems. It might be a horrible dream that wakes you up with sweats from stressing out too much during the day.

Thus, it does not necessarily mean that you are having a problem just because you wake up sweating and soaking your pajamas. Wait and see a few more days to find out if the condition is persisting before you seek medical help.

Does alcohol cause night sweating ?

Yes, it is a very common symptom for the people who consume a lot of alcohol and for those who are addicted to it.

However, for the people who are withdrawing from alcohol would also experience excessive sweating at night. This is positive side effect as the body is detoxifying, the symptoms will subside after a few days.

The body will regain to a healthy balance when blood alcohol is gone. The night perspiring symptom will disappear altogether.

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