Miracle Prayer

While I am writing this, I wonder where I should categorize this page, under Remedies or Relaxations ? My idea is just to bring across to you that the prayers and spiritual beliefs from any kind of religions can bring about tremendous power within us.

Throughout histories, fear, depression, anxiety and stress, etc have been reduced or even eliminated through some form of religious beliefs and prayers.

The religious and spiritual prayers have the ability to relax the mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety which are considered to be the most common causes of insomnia.

Praying can be one of the best thing to do to get into relaxation prior to going to bed, it would induce a more restful sleep.

Even short prayers will be just as effective.

The religious and spiritual prayers are among the best natural cures for insomnia and achieving a peaceful mind.

Consider some of the following findings –

People with religious and spiritual beliefs are usually associated with –

• Less anxiety, depression, fear and stress

• Survive longer after some serious illnesses

• Fewer unhealthy habits such as tobacco and alcohol consumption, use of drugs

• Meaning and purpose in their lives

Peace of mind, less sleeplessness

All these health effects are the results of the religious and spiritual thinking and disciplines.

These disciplines include forgiveness, empathy, self-discovery and true meaning of a well being, optimism, etc… Through these senses of awareness, it creates a positive and calming effects in the mind, resulting in a more restful sleep.

Within each culture, some form of spiritual prayer has served as an avenue of seeking help from an invisible supreme power in the universe which is believed to be so powerful that it can help to improve their physical and mental problems.

Prayers enhance this deep-seated belief of what this mighty power can do to your mind and body, that results in more self-confidence and better well being in yourselves.

According to some study at the Harvard Medical School, one-third of Americans use prayer to facilitate physical healing, sixty-nine percent of the 2,000 people surveyed said prayer greatly improved their overall health and thus have more quality sleeps.

Prayer, in essence, can help individuals to cope with difficult situations when other methods used have failed.

Why is prayer effective for insomnia ?

When you pray to a higher power, you recognize that you are not alone, and a belief in a greater power guiding your lives, it helps you put the problems into perspective.

These faith and belief alone would put their mind at ease and comfort, thus enhance a more restful and quality sleep.

Prayer is quite similar to meditation in the way that both practice the quietness of the minds, that in turn helps reduce stress and improve sleep.

It is indeed one of the most effective ways in dealing with insomnia, although the result may not be instant.

To reap the health benefits of meditative prayer, practice it regularly.

Some scientific researches show the health benefits of certain forms of meditation that involve simple prayers would increase blood flow, lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety as the results of relaxed muscles and quieted mind during prayer.

It also improves brain functioning, thus become more receptive to sleep.

In summary of the miracle prayer - it improves insomnia and benefits you in many other aspects of life.

Is this superstition ? Maybe or maybe not.

We all sense the truth that there is a great energy or power behind this universe. Everyone has access to this great power and has a right to connect to it. This connection is through prayers.

Your prayers can be prayer for peace of mind, healing prayer or prosperity prayer, etc.

You can simply make up whatever prayer that are appropriate to your situations, or you can look for prayers' contents that would appeal to you in some prayer books.

You realize there is this great power, when you pray, you are opening yourself up to the power for solutions to your stress or other problems. This kind of prayer may give you a sense of comfort and peace in your mind when you know you are not alone and being guided.

If you consistently do this, it actually would help you sleep better. Eventually your insomnia will no longer be a concern. And your other problems may be resolved on their own in a more subtle manner as you go along.

How do you get started and pray ?

Find a quiet place and prepare yourself to reach out to this Power and believe its existence, you can use your own comfortable way to envision its presence.

Sincerely, from your heart, speak to this Power about your problems… seek advices for solutions… and express gratitude to end the connection when done.

After the prayer, you would gradually feel the difference in yourself for the better, be grateful for a lot of other good things you already have but you have never thought of before praying.

Once you change your thoughts for the good, better things will start coming towards your life. You will slowly start to experience better sleep at night.

The key thing to remember is, things do not change instantly, they go along with the changing of your thoughts. It will just become better as you pray sincerely for good things to happen. This is indeed a miracle prayer.

Any form of prayer can be miracle prayer as long as you pray sincerely from your heart.

You may consider exploring a suitable religious or spiritual belief, that will definitely help reduce your stress and improve insomnia.

... Prayers going out for you and anyone who needs the help right now, you can set your mind at peace, always remember you are safe in the hand of this Almighty Power..

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